07 Dec 2015

Be on the lookout! Hototo is changing to Rocky Anderson Music!

I conferred with the Hopi Tribe of

07 Dec 2015

I conferred with the Hopi Tribe of Northern Arizona where the name Hototo stems from and discovered that Hototo is a sacred part of their Kachina religion. The tribe felt that using Hototo as a stage name would be disrespectful to the spirit Hototo and is not something that they could endorse, support or feel at peace with.

Choosing a stage name that represents the spirit, energy and dedication involved in making music requires a lot of thought and inspiration. The Hopi name Hototo was selected because of its meaning embodying creativity and excellence in expression, a love of the arts and a deep inner desire to serve humanity and give back to others.

We fully respect the Hopi Tribe concerns and are happy to make the change. With our new “Rainin Bones” single and video and the release of our album in early 2016, the time is now. Our new tag will be Rocky Anderson Music.

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