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Singer-songwriter Rocky Anderson grew up inspired by the authentic nature of his Pacific Northwest roots. His restless,adventurous and sometimes rebellious spirit is the driving force behind his music.Soaring powerhouse vocals and well-crafted, very honest songwriting dramatically reflect the core of who Rocky is. “I am a fighter anda survivor,” Rocky asserts, “I never quit and when I find something that I am passionate about I give it every ounce of my being”.
Music has always provided the power that propels Rocky forward, even when a broken home, a series of shattered personal and professional dreams and a failed marriage tried to derail him. “I have been knocked down so many times. I have faced so many situations where a sane person probably would have given up: Finding myself in the wrong relationship even though it was the only thing I knew, raising older adopted children when I’d never been a parent; starting my own business and nearly going broke countless times. I’ve always gotten back up. I’ve always persevered and music was so often the reason I was able to goon, to get up in the morning and face another challenging day”
When Rocky made a commitment to produce his first solo album, he surrounded himself with the finest musicians, engineers and producers in the Northwest and began to record. The result of his journey are twelve powerful songs that reflect deeply on love, family, hope and redemption. His sound is a mix of genres reflecting a wide range of influences. A huge fan of modern rock with great vocals, Rocky counts both Shinedown and Alter Bridge as his favorites. Add the electronic and heavier rock stylings of Trent Reznor, Rob Zombie and Marilyn Mansonto the mix with the storytelling of the best country music and the overall sound is a genre-bending mix of pop, classic and modern rock, with a dose of R&B and dance.
The first single and video release is a track called Rainin’ Bones, with plans being made to release a full CD in early 2016. Rocky was quick to describe the meaning of Rainin’ Bones, saying, “Skeletons in the closet.Past mistakes. Past lives. Past loves. Failures. Disappointments.Heartbreaks. I didn’t truly find myself until I was willing to embrace allof them. So, I say bring on the past! Celebrate it, drink to it, love it, and embrace it! No matter how messy. Without doing that I believe it’s impossible to move forward with freedom and joy in your heart. This song is a lighthearted look at all of that.” 
Rocky Anderson’s songs represent the musical expression of a young life well lived, fraught with challenges, dreams fulfilled and shattered, and everything in between. Rocky’s music is as big as his heart. Combined with his commanding voice, universal lyrics, relatable stories and top-flight production, the songs reach out,engage and inspire listeners to keep following their dreams and never lose sight of what is truly important.


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